Monday, February 02, 2009

This weekend was one of those glorious weekends with Grace.... you know the ones where your heart explodes with pride and love and joy for who they are! Nothing that special happened, Saturday Grace and I went shopping with my mom, Sunday we went to church and then to a Superbowl Party. But during those times she was such a joy, even sitting quietly in the eyeglass store for 45 minutes while I helped my mom pick out new frames! Everything we did was an adventure in her eyes, something to be conquered, something new on her list to check off! Her passion for life sometimes amazes me (and some days overwhelms me when her passion takes on a negative tone), I am just praying the Lord would give Dave and I wisdom in how to direct that passion for His glory! I needed this weekend....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gracie is so funny!

So today I told Gracie about a birthday party coming up that is at the YMCA's pool. She turned to me and said "We don't do that!" I asked what we don't do, and she replied "We can't eat cake in the pool! We don't do that!" I finally understood that she thought the whole party was going to take place IN the pool. Oh, the mind of an almost three year old!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am going to be better at this...

All right, so I have been awakened to the joys of the blog.... These past few months I have been following some friends blogs and have laughed hysterically, been encouraged, and seen there family in a deeper light than facebook can show (I am a huge facebook fan, so that is a big statement). So I am renewed in my commitment to keep up on our blog. For all your faithful followers through the dry times (Sam and the Millers) times of abundance in posts is finally here!

So a quick update on our family... The premiere of Dave's documentary is in less than a month. On top of balancing all his other clients, he is busy putting the finishing touches on it. Our family (sans Jack) are going up to Spokane for their International Film Festival for the premiere. We are super excited! I am busy being a mom to Grace and Jack, and doing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff for our business.
Grace is as fiesty as ever. She turns three next month and I am continually amazed at how fast the time has gone. She is hilarious, imaginitive and independent. She is our entertainer, and at the same time- loves her alone time. She is such a joy, but also a heavy burden on my heart. Her sin, like mine, is exposed for the world to see. There is no hiding it. It has brought me to my knees daily 1) for wisdom and guidance in how to be a mom that Christ shines through 2) in repentance of the times my sin throws up all over her (they way I respond to her) 3)for Jesus to draw her heart to him 4) for her to learn how make choices in the midst of her emotions- and 5)that one day that the Spirit would be the ruler of her heart. Dave and I have talked many times, our hope is that as Grace learns to submit and trust us, that the idea of giving up her will to the Lord's will not be a new one. That the concept of living life fully, while in submission to the authority God has placed in your life would be one that she would welcome.
Jack (Jackermann)is our gentle heart. He is sweet and cuddly, and already seems sensitive. He loves to laugh (and his sister enjoys making him laugh), loves people, and has a major attachment to my dad. He is all boy- super mischievous and daring! It is fun to see him attempt things I know he is not ready for yet (like walking), but also shows me I am going to have to watch him very carefully. I have a feeling he will be climbing in the trees before I can blink! He still struggles with Reflux, and sometimes very uncomfortable heartburn, but hopefully he will grow out of that soon! He is cruising all over the furniture, and crawls faster than I can keep up with!
Okay.... my quick update turned out rather long. Gotta get Jackermann to his nap!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vacation at the beach....